Smooth As Glass, Ltd.
Auto Body:   Repair, Fabrication, Refinishing, Restoration.   
Where craftmanship is
Reve're'r "
            Service Dedicated to Keeping Them                                                    'Alive'                   
  "A 'Micro Corporeal'  Facility Producing 'Huge' results"   __________
                                       Currently Servicing:
Antique & Vintage

Rolls Royce, Alfa Romeo
                               & Maserati
                             Concourse Specialist for:

                          Rolls Royce & Bently
                  Coach Work - structural wood: Fabrication/Replacement
                       Aluminum & Steel - Repairs/Fabrication - Finish Restoration
                                          Ferrari Maserati 
                                                  [1950's & 1960's]

                                       'full Concourse & Collector Service'

                         the shop Car                                                                       a Back Room shot
                                              Since 1975 - servicing the:
           Exotic, Antique, Race Car & Muscle Car

My service is either: customer direct; or sub-contracted :  [I didn't get the 'Fame' but I had the privilege]  **all of the Owners [except for Dealer direct work] know I provided the Service**.
         Concours Refinishing
                                          Refinishing was performed on 2 (two)
                      Pebble Beach
                              (both for MPH, Denver - in the Late '70's)

(Both) Ferrari's:
- 1955 '290 Mille Meglia' (Bob.S's car)
1956  'Testa Rossa'   (Thor.T's car)

                                                          Service Provided Encompassing:
Coach Restorations  
(and/or)   Repairs/Refinishing   of:
     [Some of which are the only Model Remaining from Production]
Mercedes-Benz;  Porsche;  Maxton;  Rolls Royce;  Alfa Romeo;  Maserati; Bentley
;  Lotus;  Jaguar;  BMW;  G-Force;  Audi;  Cadillac;  Lincoln;  Ferrari;  MG;  Lamborghini;  Datsun;  Dallara;  Austin-Healey;  Aston Martin;  Lancia;  AC Cobra;  DeTomaso; Peugoet; Renault; Morgan;  Auburn;  Facel Vega;  Jensen-Healey;  ISO;  REO;  Kaiser-Darrin;  Opel;  Saab;  Studebaker;  Sunbeam;  TVR;  Triumph;  Volvo;  Fiat;  DeLorean;  LaForza  & the (US) 'Big Three' .
[Listing  order is: /per of volume/ per Marque;  (* [but 38 (+) years in the 'Industry'  takes alot of recall.]*)
                    Motor Cycle
                             Refinishing, Finish Restoration & "Candy's".
Specializing in: Ducati - Gelcoat & Steel Production Finishes.

                            GELCOAT 'specialists' [Matched to Factory]  for you 'Glass owners';

Factory Finishes: (Lacquer, Synthetic & Acrylic Based)
                            1-2 Stage - Finishes for you 'Factory owners'
3-4 Stage - Finishes for you 'Custom  owners'

                                                  Composite Service
                                                           ''Motorsport & Street'
Repairs- Reconstruction- Fabrication
Fiberglass [polyester/epoxy], Carbon Fiber & Kevlar materials.
                         WEB introduction - Aug. 2009
Smooth As Glass, Ltd.
, / Mark Joss

                                                      [all posted] Pre 1998
                            By Appointment:  per Available Openings:  ONLY
                      * All projected completion dates are Tentative based on:
       the volume of work in the Shop [at any given Time];  and the Size of the Job*.

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